Super Bowl 51 Prop Picks | The Odds Couple With Doug Upstone

Super Bowl 51 Prop Picks | The Odds Couple With Doug Upstone

Super Bowl 51 Prop Picks | The Odds Couple With Doug Upstone

Professional handicapper Doug Upstone has some prop bet recommendations for Super Bowl 51. SBR Videos hosts Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak hear and discuss Doug’s prop picks with betting value for Super Bowl 51. Browse the best NFL sportsbooks:

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Automated Video Transcription:

hi welcome to SBR sports picks he’s
mike brenner am Peter Loshak we are the odds
couple we come to you from sportsbook review
dot-com it’s super bowl week
today’s Tuesday January 31st talking
with doug upstone very popular show that
we’ve done all year long and that this
week which is called the the false
favorites and top dogs show with doug upstone
this weekend we’re gonna take a look at props
props of course can be some of the most
profitable ways to bet the super bowl
year-in and year-out mike brenner absolutely
pete there some good options this year
I’m anxious to hear what doug got to say
and yeah false favorites and top dogs on
prop yeah I’ve been as you know mike
brenner am crunching my way through
all these props and with our last
call i was at about 50 percent that now
but about 80 90 percent I’m thinking
maybe about the under with Matt Ryan
another sleepless night
thinking about the under Matt Ryan
completion of all maybe we’ll get that
yeah that later on in the week
doug upstone thanks for being with us
have you have you crunch all these props
are just a few of them actually I never
do a lot of them to be perfectly honest
and to take the hundred-percent truth
I’ve done fewer this year because i just
completed a my first ebook and it’s
going to be about betting college
basketball in the month march wow fantastic
yeah little bit different twist there
but i still have some but the one i don’t
have for you is I do not have what color
lady gaga’s hair will be alright what do
you have for us because i’m i’m certain
i’m going to go through these numbers
and I’m starting to formulate some
opinions i want to see what light you
can shed
okay well what’s going to start at that
i have one where the start of what I
would call it is called a bad dog and I
the team to score last in the super bowl
minus 110 and we’re looking at this and we
know that New England the visiting team